Sat 11 Aug 2018 20:42

Our club is a very special place. It caters for U6’s all the way through regular players in their 40s to senior committee members. We all get so much out of being part of the bigger Team. There is a huge amount of effort that goes into training, playing, coaching, feeding, fund raising and so much more. I know, because I’ve played in every senior Team, helped run and organise and now Coach my own Son in the Minis. It believe it is a great honour to be Chairman of High Wycombe Rugby Club.

A friend of mine once said ‘come down to the Rugby Club, it’s a minefield of really good guys’. Well, I had two best men at my wedding and they were both players that I got to know well. They weren’t in the same team as me but this just goes to show how important the clubs social side is. There is an atmosphere here where people can feel safe and know they will be looked after, no matter what.

In its heyday, the club played teams at Premiership level but as times move on we have settled for a more amateur level. However I remember Sir Clive Woodward coming down and giving us a 1st team training talk, we can be professional when needed.

The senior club has four sides which play at all levels. Our 1st XV are fully committed right through to our vets which have the occasional run out. If you fancy a run out or you’ve never tried it before but want to, you’ll find plenty of friendly faces to point you in the right direction. As part of the deal, there are even physio’s to help you through those aches and pains, but a pint or two at our well stocked bar may also do the trick.

The Youth side of the club is another great asset to the area. It has been steadily growing over the years for several reasons, the biggest in my opinion is the people involved in running it. There is an infectious energy to want to make a great Sunday morning with fantastic kids of all abilities. I never expected to be coaching but I found I’d rather be getting stuck in than stood on the touch line. I also think another big influence in the continued growth is value for money. Where else can you take your kids for 2 hours every week for 8 months for just over £1 a week!

I belong to a fantastic club and I’m proud to say I’m Chairman. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Steve Swindells