Over the last week there have been a lot of issues with email globally over the last week

Yahoo seems to be recovering from a global email outage over eight hours after users started to report they weren’t receiving their messages.

The outage didn’t just affect Yahoo email accounts but also customer email accounts managed by the firm on behalf of service providers, including BT, TalkTalk and Sky in the UK, for instance as well as AOL, verizon...

This means that when tryin gto ask for a password reset or email verification from GMS users are not recieveing their emails. The GMS support team have increased the time the links are valid to 48 hours from request as they expect in some cases for the email not to arrive for at least a day.


Although the Yahoo mail service appears to have been sorted. We are still experiencing some difficulties with users not recieving the GMS generated email for Password Resets and Email Verification.

If you have expected to recieve one of these email and haven't then please email admin@hwrufc.com and we will get the link sent to you via the admin account rather than via GMS.

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