Sun 12 May 2019 14:07

Inner Warrior

Unleash your Inner Warrior at our "Introduction to Rugby" session for women and girls on Sunday the 19th of May 2019!

We are looking to add to the ‘Beautiful Belles Collective’ where we support each other to take risks and encourage each other to give your best performance come match day.

If you miss being part of a team or you’ve yet to hear your name cheered from the sidelines - maybe this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

England Rugby’s Inner Warrior campaign offers women and girls a less daunting way of ‘giving rugby a try’ as it encourages them to step out of their comfort zone with a fun introduction to the game. During ‘Warrior Camps’, women and girls are encouraged to unleash their inner strength and determination as they embrace the challenge of trying a new sport.

High Wycombe Rugby Club has three different girls teams (U13, U15 and U18) and one Senior Womens team, which offer lots of social activities off the pitch too: from tours, socials, 7s & 10s tournaments to fundraisers.

Since January 2017, over 10,000 women across the country have given rugby a try at their local Warrior Camp. Why not join the thousands of other like-minded women who wanted to try something new?



High Wycombe Rugby Football Club

181 Kingsmead Rd

High Wycombe

HP11 1JB


Sunday the 19th of May 2019

11am - 12pm

What should I wear?

Whatever makes you feel comfortable and what you don’t mind getting dirty or torn. Our suggestion is sports leggings with shorts over the top, a jumper without cord and a sports bra!

Is it free?

Yes... but if you decide to join High Wycombe Rugby Club at a later date then club fees will apply. (Do ask us for more details)

Will there be people my age?

This is an event for women and girls of all ages. Age is merely a know your body, we will only ask you have a go, have fun and be safe - if it turns out you’re awesome at rugby - GREAT!

Will I get hurt?

There will be no contact at the Inner Warrior event. However, rugby is a contact sport so some collisions are to be expected/inevitable should you decide to join the team later on.

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely - the more the merrier!

Am I fit enough?

The easiest way to answer that is: give it a go. Rugby is game played by 15 women who are all shapes and sizes who fine tune their position. Fitness drills are a big part of training in preparation for match day. You’ve got this.

Still got questions?

Please do email if your questions haven’t been answered above.Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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