Sat 03 Oct 2020 12:55

Rugby is a unique sport due to one key aspect which sets it apart from other sports, and that is the core values that sit at the heart of the game.

Teamwork - Respect - Enjoyment - Discipline - Sportsmanship

The core values are not only important to the integrity of rugby, but also lie at the centre of successful play. Teams who display the 5 core values will see better colaboration and support to score and defend successfully, as well as ensure that they stay in the game via respectful interactions with officials and opposition.

The core values of rugby are included and encoraged right from U6s through to senior team rugby, and along with the benefits that can be seen on the pitch, there are clear parallels to draw to life off the pitch.

What sets rugby aside is the focus on developing our players as people off the pitch in addition to their performance on it. The core values are only truly core values if they are taken by the players off the pitch as well as on it.

Our mission statement at High Wycombe is: "To provide all members of our community with the opportunity to enjoy rugby union football, regardless of age, ability or background, in a fun, safe and friendly atmosphere."

For us to be able to work towards this mission statement it is vital that all aspects of TREDS are at the heart of everything we do. In the coming season the club will be looking to support coaches and volunteers with this effort by introducing a behaviours framework which will allow coaches to better teach our young players what these values actually look like, and what behaviours fall outside of TREDS.

We ask that parents support the effort of our coaches by advocating the core values regularly, and seek to identify and educate when these core values are not met. Our club is not a place for behaviour which falls outside of the TREDS values.

Respect is not just saying thank you, but should reside in all aspects of a player or volunteers actions. Teamwork should not just be seen when passing to a team mate, but also seen when pitches need setting up and taking down. The core values are at the heart of all we do.

Our mission statement clearly states that we aim for ALL people to be able to ENJOY rugby. With this in mind, the club has no place for discrimination or behaviours that would see anyone prevented from enjoying their experience of rugby at High Wycombe Rugby Club. As previously mentioned, this season will see further support provided to our coaches and volunteers to ensure that we live by this mantra and continue to see a progression towards it.

Behaviours which go against TREDS should be actively challenged and people educated about TREDS and the benefits of following the core values.

As a member of our club, please actively seek out opportunities to display the core values of rugby. With the help of our members we will continue to work closer to our aim of being the best club to play, coach, volunteer and be a member at.

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